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We offer a variety of services all geared towards making your branding and marketing most effective.  While each one of these services is listed separately on this page, keep in mind that they are intertwined and often combined.  One of the advantages of choosing to work with our company is that we can combine these services into packages, making them more cost effective as purchasing these services separately through various companies can become quite pricy.  Talk to us about your goals and we will put together a strategy for you that is both effective and affordable.

Social Media

Social media has become a cornerstone in todays marketing.  Traditional paid print advertising is no longer enough.  People today gather their information online (mostly from their phone).  Therefore, it is vital to have a strong presence online.  According to Statista, 80% of Americans today are on social media.  Worldwide it is projected that nearly three billion people in the world will be using social media by 2020.  The influence of social media in the 2016 US Presidential Election was so impactful that many outlets created regulations to ensure that accurate news was being shared.  Whether or not that was a positive step is another story.  The point is that our lives have become intertwined with social media and if any business or brand wants to reach potential customers, social media must be a part of their strategy.  


The problem most brands have is they don't know how to use social media effectively.  You may have tried doing Facebook posts or hired an intern to do them for you, but you don't really see any solid results.  This is a common complaint, and it's a problem my company has solved for many businesses and artists.    You've heard of other businesses and individuals utilizing social media to grow their brand.  That's because it works when you have the right strategy.  We are experts in social media marketing and will help you develop the right strategy to grow your brand, increase followers, get new leads, and get more paying clients.  

Online Marketing


Social media and online marketing go hand in hand.  A minimum level of online marketing is included in all of our social media campaigns as it is vital to success.  Online marketing includes: driving traffic to a website or product, paid advertising on social media platforms, website optimization and management, newsletter creation and distribution, search engine optimization (SEO), blog writing, Google Adwords and Adsense management, and more.  Online marketing combined with social media and/or PR create very effective campaigns.  

Public Relations


Public Relations is an area our founder Stephen has been focused in since 2009.  Servicing both traditional and online media publications, we are able to reach out to a variety of outlets including: print (major newspapers, magazines, local papers), TV (local, national, cable, and online), radio (terrestrial, online, college, and satellite), blogs, online publications, video and audio streaming services.  We have worked with every level of media outlet from local newspapers to blogs to national TV, radio, and print outlets.  We are experienced in dealing with media, servicing press releases, running events, holding press conferences, securing media placements, and more.  

Website Design 


Your website is your potential customer's first impression of you.  It needs to look great and professional.  An unprofessional website will turn away business so it is vital that you invest in making yours look fantastic.  We offer a variety of services from professionally designed template based sites to custom tailored WordPress based sites.  This gives us flexibility in getting our clients what they need at the right price.  Template based sites are sites that are quick and easy to build, which makes them more affordable for our clients.  The advantage to having one of our designers build you one of these is that you can have it custom made to your specifications.  It's getting a professional site at a fraction of the price.  If you're looking for more, WordPress based sites are the industry standard for customization.  We have a team of very experienced web designers that can create a fully customized site for you.  And we'll still work to get you the best deal possible.  

The advantage of choosing to do web design with us is that you will have our marketing team in your corner every step of the way.  We work with our team of web designers to make sure that not only does your site look professional, but that it accomplishes our marketing goals and engages your potential customers in the most effective way possible.  

Video Production


People choose to do business with those they know and trust.  There is no better way to connect with people online than through video.  It's the closest thing to an in-person experience you can have online.  Have you seen other businesses and brands with really nice videos on YouTube, intros to their website, and info for their customers?  We can create that for you.  We have a network of professional videographers that can create what you need on almost any budget.  Over the years, SMT Entertainment has helped produce a variety of film and video projects including: full concert productions, YouTube web series, music videos, business branding videos (for websites, YouTube, etc.), commercial advertising videos, and more.  Often, producing video can be an extra arm of a marketing/ad campaign for reaching new potential customers.  

Music Production


Does your company need a jingle, voiceover, or music for a commercial?  Our founder Stephen is an award winning songwriter who has had placements on TV shows and corporate advertising.  We have a fully functional recording studio where we can write, record, produce, mix & master your music.  Stephen has a bachelors degree from Berklee College of Music and is a professional musician when he is not doing marketing, so you can rest assured that your production will be done at the highest quality.  

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