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Ever wonder why some songs sound like they could be on the radio and why other songs sound like they were recorded in you mom's basement?  The answer is MIXING and MASTERING.  Today, anyone can produce and record their own music.  For only a few hundred dollars you can have the software, microphones, and virtual instruments all the pros use.  

So why does your music still not sound good?..... 

Well, let me tell you that it's NOT because you've done anything wrong while recording.  It's NOT because you're not good enough.  It's NOT because you need more software, or instruments, or better microphones or better gear, etc.  

The reason your music doesn't sound as good as what's on Spotify and Apple Music is because...

those songs have been professionally MIXED and MASTERED.

Mixing and mastering is the secret ingredient that takes songs from "okay" to "AMAZING!"  This is why most professional artists and producers do NOT mix and master their own music -- they hire a professional to do it for them.  Record labels pay top dollar for the best mix engineers and, every year at the Grammys, awards are given specifically for mix engineering.  

My name is Stephen and I am a mix engineer based in Los Angeles.  I have a bachelor degree from Berklee College of Music and in addition to the marketing services you've seen offered elsewhere on this site, I am a professional musician as well who gigs regularly and creates music constantly.  I have spent many years honing my craft as a mixing and mastering engineer.  It is something I absolutely love to do.  Experiencing the satisfaction of an artist when I make their work sound the best it can sound is such a rewarding feeling.  It's my mission to work with as many artists as my schedule can handle, so if you're considering having me mix one of your songs, please feel free to reach out!  I'd love to hear your track and see if we can work together.