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Professional MIX & MASTER | Production & Songwriting

Hello, my name is Stephen. I am a professional musician based in Las Vegas, NV. I specialize in mix engineering, mastering, producing, and songwriting for recording artists. I got my education at Berklee College of Music and have spent many years working on my craft to create music on a professional level. 

As a producer, mix engineer, and mastering engineer, I strive to help artists achieve their vision and release professional quality music that can compete with the best recordings in the industry. If you have recorded music in your home studio, I can make it sound professional and ready for streaming services or radio. If have written a song but need production, I can produce your song from start to finish. And if you're an artist who wants a co-writer with top credits, we can collaborate and write a song that represents who you are as an artist . 

As a songwriter, I have had my music placed in TV, film, and local businesses. The most notable placement is a song I wrote titled "Now Is My Time" which was featured on the hit TV series "Dance Moms."  

I have mixed a variety of genres including pop, R&B, dance, hip-hop, and country. For producing and songwriting, I am best at writing music that is meant to me catchy and memorable. 

I play multiple instruments and can likely play all of the instruments on your song. I play guitar, piano and keyboards, bass, hand percussion, I make beats and I can sing background vocals on your track. 

SMT In Studio 4.jpg

Songs I've Mixed & Mastered 

While I have mixed and mastered many songs, these are a few of my favorites. 

This FeelingPop/Rock Theater
00:00 / 04:07
Our LovePop
00:00 / 03:11
Best YouR&B
00:00 / 01:04
Room ServiceDance Pop
00:00 / 03:11

Songs I've Written & Produced

While I have written and produced many songs, these are a few of my favorites. 


If this is the first time I have ever mixed or mastered your music, I have a "Love Your Song Guarantee." This means, if I mix and/or master your song and you don't love it, I won't charge you for it. I am confident that I can fulfill the vision you have for you music you will be happy with the results of your mix and master. Take a chance on me and let me prove that I can make your music sound great! 


Mix & Master

For a professional mix and master, I charge $300 per song. This includes both the mix and the master. This price includes 2 revisions. I put 100% into every song I mix and master regardless of your level in the industry so I just have one rate per song. This fee includes light vocal tuning (if desired). This does not include heavy vocal tuning or drum editing. We can discuss an extra fee if you need that. 


I'm the kind of producer who puts my entire self into the creation of the track. I don't do this just for the money, I do this to create something beautiful and amazing! So, if you want a producer who will be your collaborator, I will be a perfect fit. 


I do not have an hourly rate. We will work until it's great! For a fully produced song from start to finish I charge a flat rate of $500 per song plus 20% ownership of the song. If you want me to mix and master the song as well, I can give you a small discount for only $200. 


I can write a song for you, or we can co-write a song together. When we are finished, you will have a rough demo of the song which I will do some light producing in my studio. I charge $200 per song plus 50% ownership of the song if we co-write together. If I write the song on my own for you, I will retain 100% ownership but will sign over exclusive rights for your to release the song as an artist. 

Special Package Pricing

If you have multiple songs you would like mixed and mastered all at once for an EP or Album, I can offer you some special pricing.  

If you would like me to be heavily involved in the creation of your next project including songwriting, production, mixing, and master, please contact me for special package pricing. 


VibePop / R&B
00:00 / 03:40
Best YearsPop
00:00 / 03:34
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